Nike+Dallas 8 Week Better For It Challenge

You may or may not have heard that Nike launched their #Betterforit challenge yesterday (February 1, 2016) and since I am trying to better myself this year, I accepted the challenge! Nike also included a scripted YouTube series (Margot vs. Lily) to go along with the challenge.  I watched Episode 1 yesterday and I actually enjoyed it (though it was cheesy).

I have been using the Nike Running app for some time but to complete the challenge, I had to install the Nike Training App. I completed this week’s featured workout this morning.  It was a 12 minute circuit training routine.  It was a great addition to my 3 mile run and to be honest, I wouldn’t have done anything like it if it wasnt for the challenge – so Thanks Nike!

A requirement for the challenge is to post pictures related to each week’s featured workout so you can search for the hashtags #betterforit or #betterforitdallas to see all those inspiring photos! I posted mine today and I was a little nervous.. I am still not confident showing pictures of myself, but I guess I have no choice with this challenge! ha!

join if you are feeling inspired..head to

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  1. Mai Lyn says:

    You’re workout posts for the Nike challenge are inspiring! Keep it up. Look forward to reading more on your blog!

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