It’s been a long time

So, I did it again. I said I wouldn’t do it this time but it happened.  I went months without writing a blog post.  I got busy with kids, work, friends, LIFE and didn’t do what I wanted to do for myself.

Even as I type this, I am trying to drown out the noise of my kids, opening and shutting of doors, cartoons. I want to shut the computer and just tend to them but I don’t.  I wan’t to because it’s easier to just give in, but I don’t because I need this…this outlet..whatever it is.

This website was supposed to be a combined effort between my husband and I to document our fitness regiment. We were going to talk about how we eat and how we incorporate fitness into our kids’ lives.

I don’t think that’s what this needs to be.  I think it needs to be me just writing what I feel at that moment. It might be about health or it might be about a movie I saw or it might be about someone I ran into at the grocery store.  Whatever it is about, it might not be interesting to you but again, this is about me and what I need or think I need.

So with that said, I am going to end this post and I am going to start another one talking about…something.



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