Your History is Mine

Funeral for a Friend WERE a Welsh post-hardcore band from Bridgend….were…not are.

I think I am still in shock..actually I know I am in shock.  Maybe not in shock actually, I think I am full of regret.  I wanted to go to the last show in May and I even spoke to Steven about it but then he had a work trip and my daughter’s kindergarden graduation was scheduled for the same week.  There was no way I would be able to go and so I just put it out of my mind.

I put it out of my mind until last week and slowly the regret started taking over.  I couldn’t miss my daughter’s graduation and my husband was out of town so I had no choice but to stay put but I missed my chance and now there will never be another opportunity.

This band is more than just a band to me.  I have been listening to them since 2001 and they have been my go to for anything and everything.  I sound so silly but I felt like I knew them because their music wasn’t just music, it was a mirror into their soul.  Their lyrics meant something to them and they meant something to me.

I am definitely in denial that they are done and in denial that I won’t get to see them again.  I wish I could fly to the UK and there they would be.  One last time, for me.




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