The past 8 months…

Back in July/August, I started having some health issues.  I wasn’t aware of what was wrong at the time, but something was definitely different.  I was beyond exhausted and always dizzy, I was gaining weight and I was having a period every 1.5 weeks.  I went to the doctor in September and was told I had PCOS and because of it, I became pre-diabetic.  How did this happen? Well, I think it had to do with everything that was going on in my life.  At the end of May, I took a promotion which was followed by a reorganization.  The reorganization left me with half my team and triple the work.  My life was chaotic. I was getting home late and working nights and weekends.  I stopped cooking, I stopped exercising, I stopped smiling.

1st step to getting healthy was a better diet and back to exercising.  2nd step was figuring out if the new career path was worth the shift in my life.  3rd step – sign up for a half marathon so I’m forced to exercise.

Back to the 2nd step – I decided the new career path wasn’t worth the stress and in November I decided to start looking for other opportunities.  I am now in a better spot, work/life balance wise which is great.

I completed the half marathon in December and did another one in February.  I signed up for another one in April (2 days from now) and I injured myself 5 days ago.  Orthopedic said its IT Band so off to PT I go.

I have always been a runner – since I was in grade school – but I haven’t been good about stretching and now I am paying for it.  It’s definitely a theme in my life….take care of yourself LADY!  I guess I am being forced to now!


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