Hi! We are the Diomampos!

Hello! We are the Diomampos! We live in a town called Frisco, Texas which is a part of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.


Who are we?

Meliha = wife to Steven, mother to Arianna, Sofia and fur-baby Pixel.  Full-time Talent Acquisition specialist and active life enthusiast.  Meliha loves a good latte and trying new restaurants in the DFW area.  Meliha used to run track back in elementary and middle school but due to health issues, had to stop.  She started running again 7 years ago.  She has also discovered she loves snowboarding.

Steven = husband to Meliha, father to Arianna, Sofia and fur-baby Pixel.  Full-time Development Manager and recent fitness and health food enthusiast.  Steven enjoys writing code, solving problems and playing poker. Steven grew up playing baseball and doing aggressive inline skating.  His active lifestyle went idle for a few years but he recently started the primal diet and became consistent with a workout routine which has produced great results

Arianna = first born human child to Meliha and Steven.  Arianna is currently going through a Harry Potter obsession and wants to marry Ron Weasley.  She loves learning new things, especially sports.  Her favorites are skiing, golf and rock climbing.

Sofia = the baby of the family.  Sofia loves Barney and Yo Gabba Gaba.  She recently realized she loves running and she loves cheering people on even more.  Sofia will be running marathons as soon as she completes her training.

Pixel = first and only fur-child of the Diomampo family.  Pixel is a maltipoo (half maltese, half poodle).  He joined the family before Arianna and Sofia were born and is very protective of his sisters.  Pixel loves walking but he is not a big fan of running.

What are we doing here?

First and foremost, we are not experts at anything.  We are constantly learning and growing from the things we experience every day and through those experiences, we have collected tips and practices that we would like to share.  We love meeting new people and we hope this platform will help us connect with people who we wouldn’t meet otherwise.

Let’s see how this goes!


The Diomampos


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