I Am a For Two Fitness Ambassador

I am proud to say that I am now a For Two Fitness Ambassador.

If you haven’t heard of For Two Fitness, it is a fitness apparel company for expecting moms! Though I am not expecting, I have two young children and fitness was very important to me while I was pregnant.  For Two Fitness provides comfortable athletic apparel for the pregnant body and these items are also very comfortable for the post-partum body!

I was very active before I got pregnant and once I did get pregnant and reached mid second trimester, I could not come across any comfortable athletic apparel.  I was gifted a pair of maternity running tights (not from For Two Fitness) but they were the most uncomfortable pants I had ever owned.  I wish I had known of For Two Fitness then!

I think its important for all women to remain active or implement exercise into their daily routine especially when pregnant (if your doctor has given you the thumbs up).  I got to a point during my pregnancy where I couldn’t run anymore.  My ankles would swell and throb but I know I needed to remain active so I walked.  The goal was to remain active without jeopardizing my health or the baby’s.

If you are expecting or are a mom who wants comfortable athletic apparel, check out www.fortwofitness.com!


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